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GO Cloud and set free from IT infrastructure problem.

IT and business teams often want similar end results, but each team has different skills and different technical requirements for their automated workflows. Business needs a business workflow tool that’s simple-to-use (Any ERP, CRM), while IT needs a set of tools that are powerful enough to achieve much more technical and fragile tasks (like Informatica Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics).

AMR Kernel – Has its own solution to run any app on the cloud. From Tier1 to Tier3 Netwroks.

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Automatic Updates

For any business accounting firms we deploy a higher level of service to their clients, moving your accounting-based applications to the cloud with AMR Kernel gives you the hassle-free, flexibility, and security to make it function seamlessly.


1 Touch Support

Sometimes you work in the middle of the night…we do, too. Our tech support team is always available 24/7. Work confidently knowing we are committed to serving accounting professionals

Increased Productivity

Meet the growing demands of your business and clients by leveraging the cloud to be more productive than ever before. Work in the cloud with confidence. If you’re ready to be more productive, we’re here to make the transition to the cloud easy.

AMR Kernel Technologies work with leading technology companies to help them with their strategic plans that addresses the industry’s challenges such as how technical and business model innovations shape the growth of their company’s core business. portfoliobusinesscreativeagency

IT process automation software allows IT professionals to develop, manage, and monitor automated processes from a single location. Typically, process automation software is used to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes, helping organizations reduce human error and realize cost savings.

ActiveBatch is a low-code workflow automation and enterprise job scheduler that enables IT to seamlessly integrate and coordinate a wide array of IT and business process automation (BPA) tasks. With a suite of features and capabilities for monitoring and managing distributed IT environments, ActiveBatch provides the tools needed to innovate and drive digital transformation efforts.

In our fast-paced world, organizations require flexible IT infrastructures that can quickly adapt to dynamic, real-time demands. With ActiveBatch Workload Automation, users can easily optimize the distribution of workloads to improve the likelihood of on-time, successful job completions while reducing idle machines by leveraging machine learning and predictive analysis.

AMR Kernel Technologies has extensive experience in helping technology companies making the right business decisions.

Highly customized platforms for individual client requirements. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Hyper-V, VMware, Digital Ocean and IBM

Workflow Automation for Complex IT and Business Processes

Low-Code Integration and Assembly

IT can unify the automation of repetitive tasks because our tools workflow management software tracks all actions and changes.

Real-Time, End-to-End Visibility with Unified Workflow Software

AMR Kernel tools provides a flexible, policy-driven framework that makes it possible for IT to unify digital transformation efforts across the enterprise, whether in business process management (BPM), IT process management (ITPM), low-code assembly, script lifecycle management, or just about any other use case.

Continuous Improvement & Successful Delivery

AMR Kernel streamlines Continuous Delivery and Development with collaboration tools for improved IT agility and DevOps.

Faster turnaround time

AMR Kernel works with well defined quantifiable metrics for quality and process.

Time zone difference.
24X7 service.
Learning curve effect, given increased activity across companies and increased centralization within company.

AMR Kernel Unified Communication Service

Strategic priority for communications service providers has shifted dramatically from simply acquiring customers to keeping the customers they already have which means having an acceptable performance is no longer good enough.

To be successful, providers will need to earn their customers’ love—in large enough measure for customers to choose to stay loyal when tempted by competitive offers.

Many Communication service providers are making the organizational and process changes required to solve any problem that cause customer dissatisfaction.

IDC Technologies, outsourcing solutions can help with operations, IT and business functions of communication service providers and help them succeed with their strategies.

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